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L74 / 151's Compression Tops


L74 / 151's Compression Tops

Availible in Red or Black, Sizes Medium and Large

Compression Clothing Worn By Winners

Why should you use 151s… ?
Because it works!
2011 – 2018 British & World champions in motorsports can’t be wrong choosing to use 151s products to get an edge!
151s clothing is not simply for professional athletes though, anyone can benefit from the functions listed below.
Customers are using our compression clothing for a wide variety of activities;
Gym use, Hiking, Rambling, Jogging, Horse riding, Skiing, Cycling and many, many more!

151s range of compression (skin fit, comfortable) base layer clothing has multiple functions simultaneously acting on the body;

151s compression high tech garments keep you nice & cool in the heat
Thermal base layer system allows for extra heat in the cold weather
Moisture absorbing technology wicks sweat away from the body
Less risk of injury, compresses muscles & reduces recovery time
Reduces build up of lactic acid before, during and after physical exercise

Product Size Guide

Top Chest M38-42″, L/42-44″

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the stretch in our garments the sizes listed will stretch up to another 6″


Covid 19 Disruption : Please note that due to the Covid 19 pandemic, lead times will be extended for a period of time this could be 6-8 weeks from order date, we will do our very best to bring this lead time down